Travis's Room Hedda's Room Natalie's Room Karen's Room Pilar's Room Elias's Room Lay's Room Beatrix Room Natasha's Room Armando's Room Rafaella's Room Amanda's Room Francine's Room Zeki's Room Anne Marie's Room Alix's Room Mauricio's Room Pam's Room Lucas's Room Jesse's Room Miguel's Room Bianka's Room Ali's Room Joyce's Room Jodi's Room Sue's room Hugo's Room Nate's Room Juliana's Room Van's Room Derek's Room Celso's Room Conchita's Room Marcelo's Room Stefano's Room Violet's Room Lily's Room Maribel's Room Lizett's Room Twyla Nursery Twyla Nursery Josefina's Room Spencer's Room Spencer's Room Pedro's Room Gloria's Room Manuel & Francisco's Room Liam's Room August's Room Sibel's Room Arthur's Room Jack's Room Luana's Room Jason's Room John and Mary' s Room Nadia's Room Marina's Room Eliane's Room Zias's Room Yuri's Room Nita's Room Maggie's Room Angelo's Room Igor's Room Pi's Room Jo's Room Carol's Room Mariana's Room Tabitha's Room Anne Sophie's Room Rose's Room Lionel's Room Martin's Room  Jonathan's Room Cecilia's Room Nico's Room Edgar's Room Diana's Room Lorena's Room James's Room Emma's Room Anya's Room Tobias's Wallpaper Gaspar's Room Donna's Room Marta's Room Mateus's Room Lukas Room Bølgero's Room Bjorn' s Room Ana Margarida's Room Earl's Room Helena's Room Earnest's Room Gabby's Room Gael's Room Jimi's Room Guadalupe's Room Sophie & Maria's Room Ignacio's Room Joonas Room Vicente's Room  Guilherme's Room Bart's Room Abigail's Room Benedita's Room Frank's Room Dimitri's Room Miranda's Room Angela's Room Grace's Room Alexander's Room Rosario's Room Carminho's Room Benjamin's Room Baltazar's Room David's Room Thiago's Room Luisa's Room Lewis's Room José's Room Charles Room Joanna's Room Leonor's Room Luis's Room Veronica's Room Ana Rita's Room Manuel's Room Annabel's Room Christina's Room Elisa's Room Mercedes's Room Madalena's Room Sophie's Room Maria's Room Thomas's Room Anne Marie's Room Afonso's Room Antónia's Room June's Room Oun's Room Filipa's Room João Maria's Room Julia's Room Amelia's Room Nuno's Room Jessica's Room Michael's Room Olivier's Room Maria José's Room Margarida's Room Ana's Room John's Room Andrea's Room Samuel's Room Jesper's Room Richard's Room Peter's Room Juergen's Room Carl's Room Silvio's Room Marcus Room Julie's Room Charles's Room Lucy's Room Paul's Room Georgia's Room Marian's Room Jude's Room Thomas & Elliot Room Kate's Room Anthony's Room Albert's Room Bret's Room Rodrigo's Room João's Room Edward's Room Maria Antónia's Room Margot's Room

How to order wallpaper

* Choose one wallpaper or other illustration you like or suggest us a theme to develop of your choice

* Send us the measures and the name of the wallpaper you want by email

* See if you like the proposal we send you by email

* Please pay (50€ per sq meter + shipping cost)

* Receive the package

Simple as that!

P.S Some wallpapers can be personalized by adding a name, change colors, add or remove an item etc…

If you want more changes the price is 60€ per sq meter 

Contact Us! 


3 thoughts on “Applied Wallpaper

  • January 31, 2016 at 8:27 pm

    Julia and Leonard’s rooms with the music are two of my major favorites also. I just emailed you about. I room Jude is the one I asked about. However, in a small room can you put two rows of music score on a long wall? Or is it usually just one double row of music. And are all three of my walls done in the same music score or do you have a different repeat? Can you change the sizes? Big double line on one wall and than much smaller on one wall with a greater repeat? Thank you. I cannot decide between the music or cloths line. Fondly, Ardis Greene

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    • February 4, 2016 at 10:34 am

      Thank you so much!


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